Z-tapes: the highlights

For a long time i’d known about Bandcamp without exploring what it had to offer. However, not long ago, stuck in a rut of listening to the same stuff on spotify I thought i’d give it a shot. I was not disappointed!

Within minutes of searching for some ‘indie-pop’ I came across Z-tapes, a slovakian label who exclusively sell their artists work on cassettes; and online of course. I instantly noticed they were running an offer of their full discography for 1 euro (or more). Now, I hadn’t paid for a digital album in years (I thank spotify for that), so paying a full euro for 56 albums/ep’s seemed a bit steep. Nonetheless I persevered, and I was not disappointed.

Here’s my favourites so far, and a little description with each one

High Sunn – One of the most prolific bands i’ve come across, in the last two-years, they have released no less than ten albums. I can’t say i’ve listened to them all, but what I have has impressed me. Genre: lo-fi, indie, rock, garage, fuzz



Candy – The latest offering from Candy is full of emotion. The first track ‘In a room in St Kilda’ is a simple, yet effective take on longing, that many will find themselves relating to. Maybe not the St Kilda part but uknow. Genre: pop, jangle pop, bedroom, synth. 



Naomi Pop – A band made up of three teenagers from Boston, Naomi-pop produce fuzzy, lo-fi pop that feels perfect for a long drive. Genre: pop, bedroom, lo-fi