5 Brilliant Bands at Leeds Festival 2017 You Might Not Have Heard of


After five years working on their debut album, Blaenavon finally released ‘That’s Your Lot’ earlier this year. It received a warm reception from critics; The Line of Best Fit stating that they have created a ‘stunning stratosphere’. The album is full of mature and personal themes that see the band unafraid to air their misgivings:

”Pity me, I beg you please / I’m a pathetic pipsqueak” frontman sings on ‘That’s Your Lot’


A band made to play live. They deliver energetic rock music that will have you jumping up and down flailing your limbs like a clubber at 2:30am.

The Hunna

One of those bands that I always find myself singing along to. I discovered this gem of a band at last year’s festival amongst the mud and rain and haven’t stopped listening.

Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends make ridiculously catch synth-pop tunes with an all too obvious 80’s influence. A band made for the ‘indie-disco’

Marika Hackman

She might be young, but she’s not inexperienced, Marika first started playing guitar at 12, something that is clear through her complex songs, full of colourful characters that at times, you hope you won’t relate to.




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